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Tuesday, August 09, 2011
Growing up
It is a funny thing, this growing up. I wonder if one is ever "done"? No, I guess not. One continues to evolve, adapt and change, thereby 'growing' some more eh?

Philosophical musing aside - I'm wondering about my mental maturity (and sanity truth be told) as I sit here... I was *supposed* to have created my resume (well, updated really), sent it across to a few friends to review, hours ago. But have I done that?
Hells no!
I have instead, locked myself up in the "comp room", alone, while my family sleeps without, thinking I'm toiling away, hard. Hardly more like it :S - all the while, sneaking online to watch movies (not terrible good ones either I might add)
Feels so like being back in school/college, when I KNEW I was supposed to be studying, everyone thought I was studying, I *pretended* as though I was studying, all the while reading a book (not the educational kind!), doodling, dreaming, whatever I could do, to not-study!

So about this resume` business. Yes, I really, _really_ need to get with the program. I've been at the same company for 4 yrs. I love working here, have an amazing boss (well, don't tell him or my staff I said THAT, but really) - I genuinely _like_ him, how many can truly, hand on their heart say that? I like and respect my boss (in part since he reminds me of my dad so much), I have a great team and do interesting and challenging work.
But, and this unfortunately is a biggg but - but I'm getting ripped off. I don't get paid nearly enough (not even half of what people doing similar roles, in the same company, with infinitely less skill & dedication I might add). Great bosses and fabulous teams don't pay the bills/loans sadly. They will not help "salt away for a rainy day" (and god knows, with my luck I could have plenty of rainy days, especially going by my previous track record) and they sure as freaking hell are not going to take me on a world trip this lifetime.
There is the other small matter of the fact that my whole family lives in the United States of America - and I miss them sorely. So unless I figure out a way to move an work there, I'm going to have to continue with the once a year, month long, family reunion - and I can tell you now, this earn in rupess and spend in dollars is getting ol, fast!!! (and now with another bear market looming large the rupee is taking a pounding, yet again (pun intended) 45rs to a $ today :(
Not to mention, I would like to find someone, settle down and all that sort of thing - and where are all the 30something single intelligent men? For some odd reason there seems to be a rather large concentration of them in the US (well, bay area honestly, espcially from the tam-bhram variety - super odd really)
So really, I've got to grow up, quit with the "wasting time" and start writting the resume`! Right?
Right *resigned sigh*
Right. You managed to do it, right?
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