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Wednesday, March 09, 2005
picnic capers - part 2
(meant to come back sooner!!! ..well, without further ado)

bout the guy with the sexy eyes..
We were but...
Strangers in the night..Exchanging glances
Wondering in the night ..what were the chances..

...we did _NOT_ share love, that much I can tell ya!!!

howeeevvveeeerrr there were a few eye brow raisin convos :D

once on the resort, we were unanimous that the first order of business must be to speedily get on the outside of the spirts. booze. the bubbly.
Which we did, with him playing bartender. At the outset lemme tell ya I am not much of drinker.. whisky/scotch et all not being my kinda poison. We started out with something called vanilla vodka – which was good! Try with a twist of lemon and a dash of salt.
Then the party moved on to 'hard drinks'. Of which I wanted no part of. So I asked the chap – oh by the way, I think I ought to mention that for the duration of the picnic no matter how many times we shuffled around..moved for dinner...went to the beach..no matter what we did ,whenever, and I do mean whenever, I sat down and turned to see who was next to me the chap invariable was either on my right or my left! Dunno whether it happened by design or by chance...all I do know it that it happened! - He offered me some whisky and I turned it down..and asked if I could get some vodka. for which the dude (whose leg knee down was plastered to mine i might add!) turns around, gives me one of 'em looks and says "babe, i'll give you aannnyyyytttthhhhiiinnngggg you want".
*dumb founded silence from yours truly*
gulp. (er, that was me too in case u couldn't figure it out)
"..ummm, just vokda please!" ..jeez you should have seen the laughter in his eyes..
well, despite that loaded comment no vodka came my way just then...
that’s about all I wrote ages ago (when the original part two was to have been published. But then life happened as usual. And now I can’t seem to bring myself to recall minute details of the picnic. Tell you what.. will jot down the more eye brow raising comments/actions..
well, every time I asked for the vodka he’d say the exact same line..in a slow drawn out manner.. guaranteed to raise the smallest hair on the back of my neck!
At bout two in the morning I am standing outside the shack/room allotted to the females and he strolls up and says “lets go to the beach?” while pullin on a nice warm jacket. And there I was standing in my pajamas and a fairly thinish top. freezing. The rest of the gang – especially females (wonder if I qualify to be called that!)- were ‘getting ready’. (lipstick and hugo boss at 2 in the morning for a trip to the beach is unfortunately not my style) I rub my arm and say “isn’t it rather cold?” to which he immediately offers “want the jacket?”..I look a bit sheepish but agree with a nod (hey, I am not bout to look a gift horse in the mouth!besides, what if it bites!!)
He unzips the bit he had zipped up...rather sllloowwwllllyyyy (private striptease?) and hands me his jacket (which was nice and warm) below he has only a basket ball jersey. A sleeveless silly thing.
The rest of the jing-bang had joined us by now ...and his whole team is quite surprised that he gave me his jacket. Supposedly he never parts with it....and he got ribbed for it. Royally.
For which the dude says “that is the only way she is allowing me to warm her up!” I almost choked on that. A while later I noticed him almost shivering ...I offered to give his jacket back and he says “na, you hang on to it..considerin thatz the only way I am getting to warm you up!”..i was like “hello?!?!? What do u mean?” he goes “there are more then one way to warm you up...”
...sometime later a drunken friend was trying to wade into water and all of us were worried for his life and despite numerous attempt from the guys to pull him back he was sorta determined to wade/swim...at which point I – the only female silly enough to go within shoutin distance of him – trying to cajol the drunken chap say “come along..i wanna take a walk with you”. Though nothing was further from the truth, he surprisingly agreed with greatly alacrity at which our hero goes “lucky assh%#@” I turn around and say “excuse me!” he goes “lucky bugger”...I say “I didn’t say I don’t wanna take a walk with you also”...he gives me a deep look and goes “also”. needless to say he didn’t join us..
Sometime during the night he and I wound up talking bout his past “exploits” at the same beach..one of them he claims on a bike. A bike!? My reaction exactly “A BIKE?! _HOW_???” and he gives me another one of those infuriating looks of his and goes “babe, how do I tell you how... I can show you if you like...” Instant reaction “thanks but no thanks!” ..at that the dude laughs!!
Later...much later...when everyone is complainin ‘bout the cold..he asks me “if you had to share your bed with someone to warm it who would you choose from the guys here?”
me : I don’t really think any of them are overly interested in the dubious privilege.
he : *eye brows raised* ..lets assume for the sake of argument I ..they are.
...I thought it prudent to let da slip..slip by.
When the party returned from the beach everyone agreed alcohol was the need of the hour – considering it would “warm us up” (not entirely convinced this is the best way to "warm" oneself!
I’m sitting sandwiched between da dude and a bald, drunk (come to think most of the guys were drunk!!) guy. Who suddenly says “what shampoo do you use?your hair smells divine!i could just throw my arms around you and keep smelling your hair!”
“Huh???” my numbed brain, or what passes for it was just bout computing this when the chap bends over and asks him “hey, can I smell her hair?”...i am like “hello!!its MY hair?!?” the char. goes “ya, I don’t wanna get ____ jealous!” me = “like whaaaaaattttt!?” he chimes in with “only her hair”..i’m like he couldn’t care less!!...one of the males completely ignores me after that (no prizes for guessin which) and the other one settles himself into a comfortable position ..to smell my hair!!!
....and now the pièce de résistance.
We, not as in the royal we...him and me...and a few people were sittin and chatting just before we left the resort...the gang got up and made their way to the respective rooms to collect bags et all..we were the only ones left...just as he got up I noticed a scratch on his face...
Me : it looks like you have had a wild night (indicating to the scratch with my eyes)
He : (slowly rubbing his hand over it) yea..and everyone is going to suspect you for it!
Me : thinking : Me???? ME????? MEEEEEE?????????????????? WHY!
Me : aloud : why me!?

Uuuffff!!if that is how much I wrote when I set out thinking I was writing a brief version.. then I’m glad I spared u guys the detailed version!

check back here for V day's saga. i can bet you won't be able to imagine what happened.
..and yea, i would care to make it interesting.
Wednesday, March 02, 2005
I confess!
ok, its official.
lazy is now offically my middle name.
Procrastinator describes me to a T.

this short piece is just to let you know i am back. where from thou asketh (if thou still careth enough to read!) ...and with good reason.... i haven't mentioned here that i went down south for about a week...

part two of the picnic and the details of the trip will come up.. soon hopefully..
those who think its made up fiction - u give me too much credit. i've an admittedly fertile imagination but even mine can't come up with the events of the picnic.. plus we have 20 witnessess to vouch for moi :o)
and for the one growing beards and getting grey hair... i'm chorry!! i know it ain't enough... trust me... well, no ...my track record doesn't seem to make me very trust worthy...
well tell u what.. check back here durin the weekend...
btb, the participants of SAM... hows the weekend for the lonnggg awaited launch???
well thats it for now,
take care and toodle-oo