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Sunday, February 09, 2014
"I was drunk"

Uggg. Drunken ramblings and random 'confessions' with zero recollection in the morning. Like dealing with Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. One who is tender and romantic and serious and.....amorous and the other, who has pretty much no time for me. One who keeps bringing up Jeffery Archer's story "Old Love" each time he is drunk...asking me to read it, even though each time I tell him I have read it ages ago.

Just yesterday, I dunno why, I felt like reading out a snippet from my blog about BEATRICE and BENEDICK and today after yet another one of his drunken urging I read the story 'Old love' again on a whim....only to find it references Beatrice and quotes them both!

I share this with him and got a 'nothing reply' back. Dunno why, but this makes me sad. Sadder still, the idea of him not being Benedick to my Beatrice.

Where art thou Benedick mine?
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