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Sunday, March 09, 2008
Miles to go before I sleep
Its been a while.

As always.

Other than Will, I doubt if _anyone_ even reads this anymore.
Other than the odd person googling my name.
Okay, my princess caller and maybe..possibly Sumo.
And him.

Ah well, who can blame the readers - how long will the audience wait, eh? Its been over 3 years.. over 3 years since I "wrote".

I look at blogs like Atticus diaries and Enagar and realise this is sorry excuse for a blog!

Will has been working deligently on what he fondly calls 'smiles across miles' project. Wonder who, if anyone will participate any more! This blog - once a beehive of activity is in absolute ruins.

I feel like I have the worst case of writers block - an sms is the extent of my "writing" abilities most times.
Trying to squeeze in as much sleep before heading out to work at 7.45ish and not getting back most days till much after 8 at night isn't helping either.

Just got back from a week long trip to Bombay - It was super fun. Caught up with Vinny & Clar... 1st time the 3 of us were together in almost 4 years!
Brought back half of Bombay with me to Bangalore, or thats how it felt. Everything upto and including ICE CREAM - yup, you read right, ICE CREAM(Tender coconut from Naturals). 4 boxes! Bombay is a foodie's heaven!!

Old thoughts...unfortunately still totally true.
I am sure you being such a nice person wouldn't let all that diligent work go to waste!
ummm...er... I probably wouldn't... but who is there is the small matter of _OTHERS_ getting in on it??
incidentally who is this? will??
Hmm...actually, I checked here after a long time and was happy to find that you have not yet lost that GLORIOUS sense of humour!!! :-D

Keep it up!!!
Aah Princess..i admit i hvnt been a very good well wisher lately..hvnt been visitin at all..i hvnt been a regular at my blog itself :-D, less so at yours...will be more active..u shd get back ur golden days!!!
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