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Tuesday, July 20, 2004
...i am not!
absconding yet again that is! i truly meant to make writing my blog a more regular part of my life.... but time seems to just FLY by here (not that i'm having that much fun or anything... just that time just evaporates with me)
i can't believe it has been over 2 weeks in banglore! - don't ask me what i have seen so far, we'll come to that soon.
the blasted hotel the company has put us up in is located at some far off place - far, far, FAR, away from anything remotely fun. so the only time we can "see" the city and be close to civilisation is during the weekend!! (i use the term "we" VERY loosely here - both the weekends that went past saw me stayin over at a friend's place - who sweetly keeps insisting that i move in bag and baggage n attend office from there itself - considering their place is much closer to my office too! only trouble is my batch's feelings have been trampled upon too much - as they see it as me not spending any time with them! so i'm kinda caught in the middle there - much to my friends ire)
ah, so my dear readers are wondering what brings me - the hooky-playing-irregular-as-hell-these-days-blogger to our wonderful blog world?!? at the unearthly hour of 5:44 in the morning, no less!
well, our trainer has had to leave.... that is to say, has had to leave for the day as she has to be back for some sorta meeting in the morning at around 10ish and its not possible for anyone to stay up till 7 - when our training is supposed to get over - go home n get back to office by 10 in the morning AND be in office at 10:30 the same night to take another class! so the upshot of it all is we have some "free time"..
...er, well, ok not exactly free time. we are supposed to be doing things like self-study and research so that we don't flunk the forth coming (like TOMORROW) knowledge check!
ah well.... what will be will be..will be! the future is not ours to see!!
cannot be bothered about IPconfigs and ping tests nor do i feel any great curiosity about what a modem does... or how a router cum modem is superior to a plain ol modem.
let me tell ya bout our crazy weekend end!
on saturday morning i met up with yesha (yup, the pretty lady has come to b'lore too! as has namith!!...nope my friends don't go following me around - though that would be awesome! - they just happened to have other work here and made it down while i was here) yes, where were we? (i have this irritating habit of wandering off, don't i? just that its been ages since i caught up with you guys n i have a million lil ity-bity things i wanna share with ya. ....oh oh there i go again!!) going back, yea, i met up with yesha... who took me to a 'beauty palour' - which basically is a code word for torture chamber here in banglore! they tried to bleach my upper lip (actually the females there kept insisting like the dickens that i do my whole face, but i was real wary considering i hadn't ever tried anything like it on my face and have particularly sensitive skin, so upper lip it was) ...when the were done with me... the region around my mouth was a very angry pink... not to mention EXTREMLY sore!!
yesha assured me it was just a first time reaction n it would wear off within a few hours... i kinda hoped so too....
after a nice lunch of pizza (this pizza chain called 'u.s pizza' - good stuff!) sleep marked me for its own for a couple (yes, only two!) of hours...after which we headed of to some mall called Forum. The mall was a real nice (not to mention BIG) one...though i didn't really get much a chance to explore the place as not all my friends have a 5 day week (people working in other offices - better offices - infosys,wipro, etc!) so half of the gang was kinda pooped... headed straight for the food court..which has more then 14 types of crusines...
sunday morning saw us all seeing "my big fat greek wedding" in bed on a friends laptop... it was fun (n as i hadn't seen it before, i really liked it a lot!)
in the evening we went out shopping on this street called commerical street - the ONLY place i've really seen in banglore (have been dragged there 3 times!) and is a shopoholics dream come true...you have the roadside stall sellers india is so famous for jostling for space right along side posh designer show rooms..
picked up a couple of tops and a scented candle... lavender fragance.. haven't ever bought 'em before.. n am not entirely sure what i am going to do with the one i have either... don't think i can bring myself to light it!..that was the end of my shopping spree..(psstttt, so far.. am supposed to go to the blasted street tomorrow too - yesha is leaving town) ...am not sayin i didn't wanna buy more, but sadly things like bank balance has to be taken into account.
after the shopping we stuffed our faces at banglore's claim to 'authentic roadside cafe' - woodys.... n then headed over to a place called conner house - a desert palour (almost said ice-cream parlour)
....whoops, time up... need to rush else i'll miss the drop back to the hotel! toodle-oo n see ya soon ;o)
Saturday, July 10, 2004
late night entries
3:16 in the morning...
...and i'm stuck in a training session!

my trainer is valiantly trying to teach all 25 unrully kids (atleast thats how we behave) Implementation of Multiple Email ID Feature on outlook express along with teaching us what a router does!
feels like they are trying to cram one year enggi syllabus into a singal month of training.. moreover the trainer doesn't seem to have much of a clue either...so comes across like a parrot who has learnt her stuff by rote...
ah, enough of this classroom... have sneaked online to get away from it!

how remiss of me... i meant to tell all, each and everyone of my readers (and friends who leave COMMENTS!), how wonderful it felt to know that i was missed during the enforced hiatus from the internet. the three weeks of training in bombay were horrible! am soooo not cut out for 14+ hour days!
training was held at a place over two hours away from my place... so going and coming back... just travel time would account for 4 1/2 to 5 hours of my day!!! awfulllll i tell u!!
add to that, the commuting was done in the bombay local trains.... reciepe for a hellish day!

but the weekend bombay-training got over was amazing! (2nd july)
friends - clarissa,namith and pooja (more of a sis really) camped outside my office till is was 'set-free' and vanita and yesha waited (for a full 3 hours) for us at bandra.... rateesh (an enggi, a comp sci enggi at that, who has chosen - get this! - H.R for his carreer!)joined us post work... after dinner (among other things) we (clar,namith,yesha n me) found our way to my place at (12 at night)... almost!....i say almost because ajeaz was to join us n his bus was delayed... namith n yesha waited n picked him up and brought him over to my place at 1:30 in the morning! which is when we cut a four 4 pound cake! (nope the five of us didn't attempt finishin it... just made great in roads!) :) ...tummy's full with other pajama party stuff like chips n watery coffee (made by the guys) sleep finally marked us for its own at around 3 in the morning (though there were 2 people with exceptional staminia who stayed up till 5 in the mornin i'm told!!)
3rd was a flurry of activity, what with all the shopping (yes, i can do girly things too... well, sometimes!) 4th was the bus journey (which was to be an 18 hour BUS journey... which translated into a 22 hour journey in reality!)
5th (when i last updated) i reached banglore (don't ask me anything bout the city, haven't got the opportunity to explore it quite yet) and my pals took me out to dinner - once they found my godforsaken hotel - it is located outside city limits (and civilisation!)
ever since the 6th all i have been doing is attending office - at NIGHT... and sleeping during the day and solving problems during late evening... before i get ready for another bout of office at night...
today was a client visit in office, so all of us
the weekend is here... our trainer has allowed us to leave early for the day.... (yup, its 6:50 in the morning...NO... i don't type that slowly... i needed to keep sneakin online remember?!?) anyways,i've finished the post finally... and am uploading it... will check (and hopefully correct) all spelling mistake sometime tomorrow! :)
Monday, July 05, 2004
banglore bound
...the below is a post i wrote a few days back...why wasn't it posted then u ask? i fell asleep with the laptop on my lap!! i ain't cut out for 14 / 15 hour days i tell ya!!

The crazy mind is backkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

….i honestly haven’t been able to check mail/log on for more then 10 mins for the 3 times I did sneak online since 4th june.
Reasons? (a very curious lot aren’t we???) ….where were we? Ah yes, reasons..
Reasons as usual as many and copious…
…5th and 6th saw me running around frantically buying things for my darling sis (half of which didn’t make it to the shores of the United States, but u can’t say it was for lack of trying!)…as her bday was coming up, a family friend was heading there – and unsuspectingly agreed to carry “something” for her…. Little did he expect that a huggeeee bag was going to be left at his residence!
7th through 9th saw me getting my life into a semblance of order…also took ma for a ‘check-up’ (she is recovering splendidly – though the complaint of lack of energy persists)
10th I decided to do something of the “job-shift” I’ve been planning for a while (since a certain Mr.Jer/Shayer only talks of helping!)
11th I went for an interview. Got selected! Yay!! Have to join on Monday the 14th!!! Not so yay!!
Am still in “training” (the training period itself lasts for around 3 months) …three weeks of which is in Bombay and the remaining in Banglore!!
Was told it was a 5 day week… but very conveniently they now tell us it’s a 6 day week during training!
Was told transportation would be provided by the company, now we are told, not during training.
Was told the Bombay bit of training will be held at Andheri, I’ve been commuting to Malad for the past 3 weeks! (those not from Bombay – travel time from thane – where I live – is nearly double!)
Ah well, it’s a good company…so…
Come Sunday, 4th of july, I shall be on my way to the “silicon valley” of India… Banglore. (think of Bombay as New York – with a LOT more character and soul! And Banglore as California)

....whokay, thats where i fell asleep!

i've just REACHED banglore...had a wonderfully warm, one hour long shower...and kept the promise i made to myself that the first thing i'd do when i get to banglore is upload this post...
...now my banglore based friends r here to pick me up to go out for dinner (its 7:45) ...will write soon n tell u all, till then adios!