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Wednesday, April 28, 2004
why does life just happen?
Am sitting here…in front of my computer….with the keyboard eagerly waiting to do my bidding… to become a vehicle of my mind’s thoughts…
A hot cuppa steaming tea…me in my most comfortable (read worn out) slacks…sweat damping my brow…my upper lip… dampening my sprits…
Whenever something upsets me (yup, I too have feelings, strange as that might be) I usually simply put it out of my mind. Out of sight out of mind and all that sorta thing… normally it achieves the desired result…stops the pain by making me forget (for atleast that moment)… and in time what ever was causing me hurt, stops. Stops hurting. By virtue of being too long ago, no longer hurts…maybe a residual distaste remains…but no longer pain…gut-ripping and soul-wrenching kinda pain (not that I have too much experience with the ‘gut-ripping’ & ‘soul-wrenching’ genre!!)
most times. most times this is ostrich behaviour achieves the desired result… ‘outta sight outta mind’ types…or like my ever popular signature for my email says “Absence extinguishes small passions and increases great ones, as the wind will blow out a candle, and blow in a fire. "
…and then there are somethings, things no matter how long you bury, never mellow down to ‘distaste’….things that have the power to make you keel over even years later…affect you beyond your wildest imagination. things you thought had boxed away hence presumed would never… could never affect you….but because they spring up so suddenly, they jump at you and bite you… bite you in your most vulnerable spot. (the fires of life?)
It could be anything that triggers your memory…opening the Pandora’s box of emotion ….meeting someone unexpectedly…actually not even meeting... just seeing is good enough….hearing a name…chancing by a place you had visited…something as innocent as a cushion you hugged when u spoke or how the way a particular lock of hair fell across a brow…a remembered smell...
and for that instant time freezes ….the impossibility of time travel is completely and totally lost on you and you are transported back in time…unwittingly…unwillingly… the pain still as fresh as the day you acquired it…
a certain ms dion’s song “its all coming back to me now” is playing in my head…. and a line from another song of hers “there are moments, there are hours, there are days when I still love you the exact same way”

the million dollar question is…will you still love me anyway?
(please scroll down for the particular song)
Sunday, April 25, 2004
Slice of India
Going by the Vishu post's comments I believe many of you might have an interest in things Indian.... a write up on one of them follows...

April 22 was Akshay Tritiya ( AT ) - same as 'thithi' to the Tamils, methinks - an auspicious day to make a beginning. AT symbolises the end of dark days of winter and the beginng of new dawn.
(are your jaws unhinged with my utterings ? I confess, I am usually quite oblivious and /or ignorant about most matters, let alone these esoteric 'tritiyas' linked to planetary positions ) .
My gyan (if I may call it that, is largely thanks to my terrific uncle who sent out a mail on this topic, _he_ relies on the daily press!!)

For those more hungry to know about AT- its is the day for beginnings and one of the 4 most sacred days in the Hindoo (I know the accepted is Hindu, but isn't this more fun!) calendar. I believe it is known as 'Ahsay Tadige' in Kannada (not to be mistaken as Canada!) and reportedly, Ved Vyas started chronicling the Mahabharta on this very day.

People up north (north of Bombay that is! north indians, not afghanis!!) opt to buy property , gold etc in a big way on AT. Idea being, if you buy gold on AT, it pours in the whole year through. Goddess Laxmi will bestow riches untold upon ye! (last line is _pure_ guess work!)

I guess some ancient marketing whiz kid must have thought up of AT to drum up sales for some merchant in the hoary past, considering March/April are slack periods generally - what with exams to fret over & cricket matches to be played!
It also seems to be a jolly good time to get married if the marriage processions on the roads are anything to go by. (not to mention fire crackers at all hours of the day! and yes, fire crackers for weddings!! Indians are a happy lot, and more often then not we want to tell the world and his dog bout our joy!)
I need every bit of good luck and fortune and heres hoping the celestial bodies pitch in, now !
Well, thats all for this session kids, tune in for your daily dose, same time, same place, every hour on the hour! ;)

May Akshaya Tritiya (analogous to the horn of plenty or cornucopia, to you Western kids) bring effects to your enterprise.

May the Force, as ever, be with all of you!
Thursday, April 22, 2004
I’m not so sure becoming a parent is such a smart move! I mean the heartache and the sense of responsibility and sometimes the sheer impotency one feels is overwhelming. No no, I’m not a parent, well not yet anyway. Not in the real sense.
The friend I’ve been referring to, as a kid is whom I was thinking of.
I’m one of his closest friends… in his words I’m his ‘anchor in the sea of life’.
He was “doing things” with two of his female friends (at SEPARATE times! no orgies thank you very much) and things started getting complicated so all three of them decided to break it off (I’ve spoken with each of them). All of them unanimously decided to stay friends, only friends. PLATONIC only friends.
Each one is a really nice, warm, loving person. With plenty of love to give away… and possible, no wait, probably wanting some back. One is a goofy sorta protective person. The other is cuteness personified and very innocent to boot. Third one is vulnerable as hell on the inside but likes to pretend she is doing just fine.
All parties goofed up (one more then the others). Broke their word on different occasions subsequent to the ‘cease fire’ agreement. (cease all ‘foolin around’ just doesn’t fit, you know)
Couple of days down the line, one of the girls was out with her other friends…which left the other two alone at home. All sorts of ‘fun and frolic’ followed. To give credit they fessed up when the girl came back.
Next morning saw him making out with the other girl (the one who was out with friends the day before)
This has both the girls getting upset. Really upset. Which in turn makes the guy feel miserable.
They now think they can’t remain just friends and they should therefore move away. Hang out with the whole group (the famous six) but not be part of the close three-some.
Have tried talking to all parties involved …hope they can work out this glitch in their friendship..admittedly biiggg glitch.
I hate when this happens…why must the saying “you can go from being friends to lover, but not lovers to friends” be proved true so often?/em>
That said, I must also say these three have a very real chance of working things out *fingers crossed*

Update : saw this test on this babe's blog... and couldn't resist..
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If your mission in life is not already to preserve the English tongue, it should be.
Congratulations and thank you!

How grammatically sound are you?
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(pssst,take the test!! its reeeallllyyyyy easy, so makes you feel good bout yourself! hell I got a cent percent!!)

Hey also I met my first ever ‘blog fan’! ….she is smart, she is witty, she is warm….and surprise surprise, she likes my musings!! To virgin blue lagoons tonight!!!
(…and you, you quit turning that shade of green, not your colour at all!)
Wednesday, April 21, 2004
The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is the fact that it has never tried to contact us.
Advertisement : Guitar, for sale.......cheap...........no strings attached.

Sign in a bar : "Those ...drinking to forget........ please pay in advance."

Behind every great man, there is a surprised woman.

A Spouse is someone who'll stand by you through all the trouble you wouldn't have had if you'd stayed single.

Smoking helps you lose weight .. one lung at a time!

When I read about the evils of drinking...I gave up reading.

My Grandfather is eighty and still doesn't need glasses... He drinks straight out of the bottle.

I always leave an empty milk carton in the refrigerator just in case someone wants Black Coffee.

Getting caught is the mother of Invention.

Laugh and the world laughs with you, Snore and you sleep alone.

Seen on a bulletin board: Success is relative. More the success,more the relatives.

Sign at a barber's saloon in Juhu, Bombay: We need your heads to run our business.

A traffic slogan: Don't let your kids drive if they are not old enough or else they will never be.

Seen in railway station at Patna: Aana free, Jaana free, Pakde gaye to khana free.
(roughly translated to : come free, go free, if caught food free!)

Share an one liner that stuck in your memory?
Monday, April 19, 2004
Friends – Season TWILIGHT ZONE
Men! BAHHH!!!


Ok, not all men. Just sicko perverts who think they can become Mr.Octopus and its acceptable! Even “between friends”! How gross is that!?


There is this group of six friends - three guys and three girls. All of them recently got a job in a premier company (which is how they met, during training). Hit it off big time, house on fire stuff. Decided to live together after hanging out for the entire training period – two months.

After two months of living together...


One night, everyone is having a good time on the terrace yakking / chit chatting / catching up on the days events, when suddenly one of the girls realizes the ‘friend’ she is leaning against has made a pass at her!..being the innocent and naïve woman she is, she figures the pass wasn’t intentional and decides not to talk bout it.
Few days later the same chap feels her up when they were horizontal together. The entire group is lying around and it comes like a total shock! This time it is very obvious that it was intentional. She doesn’t know what to do, makes up an excuse and gets out of the room.
She keeps her trap shut and doesn’t tell anyone else bout it because she doesn’t want to be the reason the “group broke up”!!
A few days later the guys are having a slumber party at the girls place. After several rounds of cards and plenty of food, lights are turned out and everyone retires for the night. Sometime durning the night the girl gets up to find the ‘hero’ not only laying down next to her, but feeling her up…and down!! She says she needs to use the loo, gets up and spends the whole night acting as if she is reading!!!
I get a call a few days ago, close to 2:00 at night when I was talkin to this chap.
To say I was shocked would be the understand of the century! I never thought Chandler would molest Rachael!!! (these were their assigned parts) I try to keep a tight rein on my temper and try to think up a more permanent solution then castrating Chandler. Come up with one.
Rachael talks to the asshole, tells him this is not acceptable behaviour and his attentions are totally unwanted. He gets the message, apologizes profusely and gives his word that it wouldn’t happen again.


Chandler took off for a couple of days after the talk and keeps pretty much to himself since he got back. He labors under the notion no one other then the girl know bout his transgression.

Why do guys do things like this?! Yikes! How can they look themselves in the mirror?!? Good lord! When I initially heard of the group I was so envious that they had got to live out the dream most people my age have (atleast around these parts). Have your own place, in a happening city. Plenty of dough to spend. No parental restrictions. A dream job. Amazing friends to hang out with all the time.
Just never factored in Chandler being pervert undercover I guess.

Am glad Joey was there though :)
Thursday, April 15, 2004
Happy Vishu
Today is the Tamilian New Year – Vishu. (atleast I think its tamilian and not keralite!) It begins EARLY in the morning (everything in tam-bhram land beings EARLY!)..wait I am not doing this right. Lemme start again..
Vishu or preparations for Vishu begin the night before.. the lady of the house arranges all sorts of things near the “worshipping place” of the household. Where the idols are kept. The family temple as it were. These “things” range from grains to fruits to flowers to money! And a nice biggish mirror! So that all the things kept are reflected in the mirror – sorta double the bounty I guess. All the articles displayed signify prosperity.
The lady does the "arranging" after the kids of the house have gone to sleep. You cannot use that part of the house once the arrangement is done.
(Ok, I can’t do this impersonal description thingy too well, going into personal story mode)
At the crack of dawn – 5 freezing o clock – ma would come and take us to the ‘temple’ – one at a time - with our eyes closed (with her hand over our eyes). We were allowed to open our eyes only when we were in proper viewing range – idea being ‘prosperity’ should be our first ‘view’ in the new year! :)
Then we’d touch the feet of everyone older to us and get money! YUP!! Mullah!! It’s one of the few traditions I lovvveeee!! :)) (little wonder that this used to be my fav festival as a child – actually still is! The Indian version of x’mas!! With MANY santas!!!) I was the youngest at home, so it was all ‘get get’ for me (yes, greedy child!)
…awww, now I miss my childhood Vishus …they were so much more fun. Urmila was here… my grandma was here…it was a full house…no it was home… now its just dad, ma & me :-S
Ok, change topic!
Ah yes, last night a friend attended the Latin pop sensation’s concert. He had gone with some friends and suddenly missed me and called up (long distance! on a cell phone!!). He kept screeching into the phone “can you hear this song”…all I could hear was a mad mob. I thought he was at some disc and wanted me to hear a particular song playing. All sorts of confusion ensured…but later when I figured what the call was for…it felt soooo nice! There he was, with his bunch of “in” friends..n he was missin silly ol moi? Chooo chweet! He is a darling. He is the one I’ve referred to as ‘my lil kid’ in a previous post (hey, he has broken it off with both females now!!)
He makes me feel so special and thinking I had any hand in him turning out the way he did fills me with so much pride! :)

Well that’s all for today’s edition of Bombay nonsense!

Oh before I go, to everyone older to me, I’d like to say….
Chinese, Japanese, Manganese, Portuguese, money please! (wish you could see the actions too!!)

And yes of-course 'APPY VISHU! :)
Wednesday, April 14, 2004
I’m not dead! Well, not just yet!!
Trust me people I’ve not not updated my blog because I like to see the comments pile up! (though that is nice!!) ;)

One of my good friends –Sharon – came back to Bombay yesterday, she called after she landed back in town. After a bit of catchin up we hung up. She came over and we caught up some more. Then we went out for dinner and stuffed ourselves! This was followed by ice cream – at this HEAVENLY place – naturals. You have not had ice cream till you have tasted the stuff here! My personal recommendation Tender Coconut (also take my advise and never have this flavour any where else, unless of course you like the taste of coconut oil with your ice cream!)
Then we went back to her place and got down to some serious movie watching 3 movies last night and one today!

The evening (night?) began with Almost famous – a feel good movie, which does just that. Makes you, the viewer feel good. Not a bad thing at all..its got it cut/special moments…or rather in proper lingo “inspired moments”. Me like.
Then came Fight club – yes, people. I had not seen this movie before. All those who need to pull back your jaw to the correct position, I shall give you a moment.
Fight club. Part of me wanted to rob lines, wax eloquently; do everything that someone who has just seen fight club wants to do. But I have been warned by an elder sibling sorta person that this has been done to death & people will just roll their eyes any not even bother to read! So I shall desist. Suffice to say, it’s a brilliantly made movie (though I kinda guessed what was afoot when Brad Pitt tells our guy not to talk to the woman about him)
To all those who have not seen fight club, one word of advise : SEE IT.
The last one for yesterday was Satayajit Ray’s Bengali movie Charulata. A classics. Could follow the movie without the subtitles, but am told even if one has to fall back on the subtitles its well worth the effort.

Got home with the intention of sleeping…happened to channel surf, saw The Rock playing…so :) …have seen it before, but just couldn’t resist. Sean is tooooo sexy for words, which is actually not fair! The man is old enough to be a grandfather! My grandfather!!

Finally after movie mania ended, got talking to a dear friend, below is a bit from the conversation

me: i never got that personal mail from u with all your childhood stories as promised!! him: im in emotional turmoil
me: ummm emotional turmoil.... wanna talk to me bout it?
him: nah its alright
him: im a man & im tired of being sensitive
me: sweetheart its what makes u WHO u r
me: please tell me whats upsetting u
me: please?
him: same ole same ole
him: i cant
me: ummm what do u mean u can't? u should!! its unhealthy to let it fester like this
me: and who the hell said men shouldn’t be sensitive?

… Unfortunately my horrid dial up disconnected me before I could get an answer.

Why do men feel that “if you are a man you should not be sensitive” ? that is bullshit!
This got me thinking. Okay, actually first it got me mad and then it got me thinking. I know being sensitive shouldn’t be a gender issue, but how many of us would be comfortable if our 6.2” friends suddenly starts sobbing in public? Hey I’m not sayin I wouldn’t look askance at a female doin it! I would....just,ummm we would think nothing of a female crying while biddin adieu to friends…but how many guys cry when their friends leave? Even if it’s a permanent move? I wanted my pal to open up, talk about his issues... but society, all of us, have this deep rooted imperssion that a "man's man" doesn't display emotion.
That is a stupid notion. Even a "man's man" is human and therefore feels pain. Its just wrong if he is not given the freedom to display it. By us or by himself. What say you?

Clarification : Also people I seem to have not communicated what happened at the airport properly in the last post.
1. The guy who paid me the compliment was not some random person I meet at the airport. He was the guy’s best friend, the one who came with us in the car to the airport.
2. And as mentioned in the point one, there was a car in the picture. Driven by the DRIVER. This was one of those prepaid taxis typo thingy that you get India.
3. He did not drop me home on the bike! He just has one!! it was mentioned because I like bikes!

Trust me people this was big enough an issue for me to write bout it – I got a call from a little known city called Baltimore 1st thing this morning. A rather worried one at that!!!
Sunday, April 11, 2004
I decided I don’t like being mad at the world, especially not for a bunch of losers like the friggin consulate employees. (God, I want to just rip her head off!) So I’ve decided I’m not going to be peeved any more!
Plus I’ve had a lot to keep me busy over the last couple of days… I guess that helped too.

What have I been up to,ye asketh?

Right oh, first off a friend’s younger brother was leaving for the U.S of A (the family has moved permanently and my friend flew last month) so I helped him arrange a small farewell party…which some how became a party of 20 plus people! ..but it was good fun, especially with the food and booze freely following… I even arranged for a surprise cake et all! Everyone had a blast – hey, with me playing hostess, it couldn’t have been otherwise, now could it!? :P

Then I went shopping for a bunch of my friends (I love shopping for OTHERS! Especially good friends) These friends aren’t from around here, so there were sooooo many things I wanted to send. Eatables, books, show pieces, clothes, you name it. I took my mum along with me, as she is good at bargaining and would know which stuff’s was of good quality. Every new thing I saw, I wanted to pick up. Thank god mum was with me, she kept reminding me that the poor chap (my friend’s bro) may not have enough space in his bags! When I got home dad took one look at my bags and went “decided to clean out your bank account eh?”

Then the next day saw me packing. Yup packing.
Nope, I haven’t got the Visa. But the chap who was leaving was my friend’s (actually more like a sis – her dad has given me strict instructions I should call him dad!) younger brother and I more or less play the role of the elder sis to him (despite him being older to me by 3 to 4 years!! he is a really sweet chap.) Later in the evening his best friend came over and we three set of to the airport to drop him where I met another bunch of his friends.

The way I currently look these days cannot be described. I mean, my looks have never been anything to write home about, but currently I couldn’t look worse if I tried! I’ve completely let myself go to seed… dunno when was the last time I waxed, shapped my eye brows, cut my hair…as for things like lip stick…my face would need to be reintroduced to anything other then soap and water!! And the amount of weight I’ve put on….oh good lord. I’m not even going there.
Despite looking the way I do, I got a compliment. It would have shocked the socks of my feet, only I wasn’t wearing any!
I’m sipping my soft drink (at the airport) I look up and find myself staring into the eyes of this chap who is looking intently at me. The chap goes “I really like you”, just like that. Outta the blue. I was hu-h? “as in?” (dumb woman I know! Instead of accepting a compliment I’m trying to quiz the chap on why he thinks I merit it!) He says “I like your nature” me “what about my nature?!” *with a very surprised/shocked tone* …now the poor chap starts fidgeting (must have probably been wonderin ‘why the hell did I ever open my trap’!) at this point someone else joined the discussion to say stuff like ‘yea, you are very helpful….” yada yada yada…
I wanted bang my head some where!
Here is a rather goodlookin, nice, if a tad bit shy, chap telling me something nice and I grill him.
Why can’t I be one of those women who would flutter their eye lashes, smile sweetly and say “oh why, thank-you!” (when I try it, I look like I’ve got something IN my eye! And the person would feel almost obligated to offer to blow into it!!) No, I’ve gotta grill the guy! Any wonder I’m totally single and footloose?


Anyways, the guy in question dropped me home despite his place being next to the airport…and tried to made plans to see me again…we exchanged numbers. He has a MOTORBIKE! :)

And he called first thing this morning!

9th april….ummm, yesterday was a year since I met someone. He went on to become one of the closest friends I have ever had. Someone I trusted implicitly. Someone who told me (and showed me!) that though we were just friends, I meant more to him then anyone else. And then for no apparent reason walked out of my life. Oh sure, we started having some issues last year sept..nothing that couldn’t be worked out. Sept to Dec was a strained period. But to walk away because of it? If someone means something you stay and sort things out. You fight for the person…even if it means you fight with the person.

But he walked away.

I went from being furious to numb to really hurt to bewildered…

I couldn’t understand HOW on earth could someone write mails like this one and this one then choose to walk out.

Without even offering an explanation.

“Girl you have got to know when it time to turn the page…”

…why do i even care? He was only a friend for god sakes, eh?
Thursday, April 08, 2004
Die another day grandpa
Warning : I am going to rant/bitch some more today. People who don’t like ranting/usage of foul language stop here.

These people can’t seem to get the simplest things right. Even if one was willing to let go of the humongous slights and curt tone used, it is impossible to over look these “mistakes”
1. The telephone number is wrongly printed on the Consulate’s ‘official’ letter paper, conveniently.
2. The ‘official’ letter sent out to me and my mom was typed out wrongly, once again the mistake happens in my letter conveniently – i.e saying I did indeed work where I stated was supposedly wrong!
3. Oh and you want to know the best joke? On quizzing the staff at my office a very apprehensive peon/clerk came forward to admit that someone had indeed called… and asked for… get this… LEKSHMY. Who is she? Well, my MOTHER. The poor chap was worried that he had committed some grave sin by not knowing my mother’s name!

What sort of shoddy establishment are these jokers running anyway! I was applying for a VISITOR’S visa. For which my uncle was paying, everything including the ticket! I could have been a vacuous bimbo twiddling my thumbs as far as these idiots are concerned. Law, THEIR law, does not require me to be working. And they think it is reason enough to ‘reject’ the visas on these flimsy cooked up grounds?
I so wish I could claim it is their loss and not mine – unfortunately I can’t. Irony is, I am from the working class and a “non-refundable” fee of Rs.2,300 + Rs350 (towards ‘handling’) for each person (mum and me remember!?) adds up to the grand total of Rs.5,300 – is not a sum I can scoff at.
Even if a ‘mistake’ has been committed (by the way, they never commit mistakes! In their own words “it is your word against ours!”) the applicant would need to reapply and once again pay the visa fees in full.
So basically, this is a money making scam. They single out the applicants they know want to go there (and father’s memorial service is not something a person is going to miss simply because of a one time visa reject after all!) and harass them all they can.
Well, personally submitted the application for my mum today. But guess what? After spending the whole day running from pillar to post, I learn that “Friday the offices are closed on account of Good Friday (pardon me, but I cant really see what is so good about it!) Saturday and Sunday are non-working days. And as Easter happens to falls on a Sunday (can it EVER fall on any other day you brain dead imbeciles!?) we are keeping the offices closed on Monday as well. The application will get processed in 3 working days”.
Three working days for them begins only on Tuesday. And if all goes well ma should get a visa by Friday.

Oh, but wait a min, my grand dad passed away on the 12th of April, which happens to fall on Monday.

Too bad mate.

Better luck next time.

Better luck next time someone you love kicks the bucket.

Fuck it.

Fuck it all.

I am just through with them and their crappy “customer services” (they ought to rechristian it to customer screwing!)

Maybe I should get the level of melanin in my epidermis (or should that be dermis? Biology was never my strongest suit) reduced.
No wait, maybe before I consider traveling again, I should go get married to someone from the – superpower - U.S of A. let me see them ‘rejecting’ a visa to someone from the most powerful nation on earth on such ludicrous grounds.

disclaimer : almost all U.S citizens I’ve met are wonderfully nice. It is just the government that sucks.

update : I've lost my cell phone. The number 91 22 35075757 stands withdrawn. More on this later.
Monday, April 05, 2004
Want to travel…explore the world? Don’t you wish!
The injustice and down right stupidity of it all beggars description! Man, I’m a postgraduate with a steady job and my family for as many centuries as can be traced has had nothing to do with any sort of terrorist activities.
My grandfather passed away a couple of years ago in April and my grandmother is in Australia currently. Which is why she wanted all her children/grandchildren to come there for a memorial service. You think this might be a valid enough to visit a country. Nope. You are dead wrong.
At least in the eyes of the Australian consulate – whose employees are a bunch of brain dead, mean spirited shrews!
I had heard horror stories before from people regarding getting visas but didn’t really put any stock in it. I hold a decent job, I had supplied a letter from my boss clearly stating I worked there and would be resuming my duties in a month’s time. My uncle had sent his bank statement and other assortment of documents ‘requested’ by them. I had even submitted a photocopy of my credit card (why the fuck do they want that anyway?!?). So everyone presumed mum and me would be boarding a flight Australia bound come 9th of April.


No one accounted for ridiculous procedures and LIES. Yes lies.
Both mom’s and my visa have been rejected and each of us got a letter stating the reason.

Under Reason for Visa Refusal (dated 2nd April)

Mine says and I quote

This section details the requirement you did not meet.

You did not satisfy Subclause 676.221(2)(c), which reads that:

The applicant satisfies the Minister that the expressed intention of the applicant only to visit Australia is genuine.

You have applied for a short stay tourist visa for Australia.

In support of her application, you have provided employment letter from Shri Dinesh Roadlines. Checks conducted by the visa office reveal that you work at this place.
(yes, blatant disregard for basic grammar. “her application” “you work” all goes!!!)

I have carefully considered all this information, and based on your current personal circumstances I am not satisfied that your expressed intention in visiting Australia for a business visit is genuine and that you will not seek to remain, change your visa, work or overstay in Australia. Accordingly, your application is refused under Migration Regulation 676.221(2) (c)

And now my mum’s and again I QUOTE :

This section details the requirement you did not meet.

You did not satisfy Subclause 676.221(2)(c), which reads that:

The applicant satisfies the Minister that the expressed intention of the applicant only to visit Australia is genuine.

You have applied for a short stay tourist visa for Australia.

In support of her application, your daughter has provided employment letter from Shri Dinesh Roadlines. Checks conducted by the visa office reveal that she does not work at this place.

I have carefully considered all this information, and based on your current personal circumstances I am not satisfied that your expressed intention in visiting Australia for a business visit is genuine and that you will not seek to remain, change your visa, work or overstay in Australia. Accordingly, your application is refused under Migration Regulation 676.221(2) (c).

Firstly, how the fuck does it matter where I work or even if I work, for my mother to visit her brother?!
Secondly, business visit? Whose business? What the heck are these assh***s talking about? Obviously someone forgot to recruit ENGLISH literature people at the esteemed Australian consulate! I had stated, “I wish to visit Australia to attend my grandfathers memorial service”! But obviously trivial issues such as HARD FACTS have no bearing on their decision.
And settle there? In a country which was no better then a dumping ground for British criminals? Sure mate!

You cannot, and I mean CANNOT, speak with a human being if you call the consulate on the number printed (which has one digit wrongly printed! – intentional misrepresentation of the number with a view to mislead? I sooo friggin want to use that line on someone. Unfortunately I don’t have the financial muscle to take on the Australian consulate.) Even if one is smart enough to get the number sorted out, one has to dial the number and is forced to play the hugely popular IVR game. Randomly dialing all sorts of stupid numbers, which do nothing, other, then help you lose you mind. Slowly. God, how inefficient can an office be! After stretching my patience to the limit the gods of the IVR game decided to take mercy on me and I was allowed to speaking with a condescending, patronizing bitch. She tells me she is the manager, so I give her my passport number and tell her the story. She tells me, ya, your application was rejected because you don’t work!! Hello, I was sacked and neither my boss nor I have any, and I mean ANY, knowledge of the fact!? She won’t reveal whom the office spoke with on their ‘numerous checks’. She was bloody insufferable. And she isn’t even an Australian!
Finally managed to pry a ‘supervisors’ extension number.
But obviously the supervisor is not working today. And why should she?! Its only Monday after all. And she has only had Saturday and Sunday off. And the consulate only works from 9 in the morning to 5 in the evening. She must have suffered a bout of manic Mondays.

Maybe her Visa should be rejected based on the fact that I checked and she doesn’t work!!!

This is just fucking WRONG.

And what is even worse is, I can't do a fuckin thing about it!!!
Saturday, April 03, 2004
Cyber land!
Internet… isn’t it an absolute miracle how people a whole world apart, meet and connect? Here for once it actually doesn’t matter whether you are fat or thin, tall or short, or have bad breath or have fizzy hair, a gazillion zits… none of it matters. Caste, creed, language, even "biggies" like religion / nationality do not play a role. You are liked based on your thoughts. Just that. Nothing more, nothing less.
You could have gone to the most prestigious schools or you could have stayed at home and ‘self taught’ yourself. The only badge one needs to support is of similar interests. No strike that. Not even that. Just like-mindedness. One doesn’t necessarily have the same interest…so long as the other person’s interest is something one likes…something one wants to know more about.
Here kings and paupers are in the same echelon. Your fat bank balance is not going to help, except maybe to support sky-high telephone bills! Being a college stud or the most sought after girl in univ is not going to help you make friends here. You’ve got to do it on the steam of your intellect (or in my case, what passes for it!)
I remember when I initially started using the Internet it was a case of needs must. One of my closest friends was transferring from my college to Ozzie land. During one of our conversations on wondering how we’d cope, he said we’d stay in touch using the Internet. This to me presented a huge problem. I didn’t even have an e-mail address at the time (Feb 1999)!
Well, go he did. And learn to use the Internet, I did! Originally when I started using this medium I was totally convinced the only reason one would have to resort to ‘making friends over the net’ is because one was unable to make friends in real life. I didn’t dislike the people who did, mind you…just felt sorta sorry for them.
Five years down the line and I know how wrong I was. I’ve met and made some good friends using this medium. I’ve even seen people fall in love in our enchanted cyber land (check this out). And these love stories last more often then not. (Unless one of the parties is a really shallow human being and after meeting decides, oops she is too short. Or the female decides whoops! He is too dark!! – unfortunately real stories.) Or…or one of the sides has lied.
Here honesty is key. Not that in other mediums of contact it is not. Just here there is no body language one can read. No eye contact is afforded. Here one cannot catch any changes in voice. Nothing. Only the black words appearing in your inbox. The instant messenger telling you “She says”. Oh a few variations of smiles have come now, but I don’t honestly think I really wink like the msn messenger makes me look!
But if both parties are truly honest, I think this is a really good meeting ground.

Guess this line "I was born with a great need for affection and an even greater need to give it" - Audrey Hepburn – says it best. ( taken from Nick’s blog) In this century more then any other, it is difficult to meet people and shower our affection. The Internet makes this possible…from the comfort of your own home (I sound like an ad now! :-S). Me sitting at my desk in unknown Thane can connect with an entire group of amazingly loving and interesting people in Salt Lake City, be adored by a wonderful girl in Chile. Find a confidant in Utah. Become best friends with someone in Goa. Have someone from England think I am a witty person. Heck, have a Pakistani friend!
All in all Internet rocks…because like-minded people are not always geographically close by!:)

Do check out this blog.
Friday, April 02, 2004
Much ado about nothing!!!
Leafed through the above mentioned book today…realised if, and right about now the if feels like a really biiiiggggggg IF, if I ever fall in love, my “love story” will be very akin to Beatrice & Benedick’s - nooo, I am not going to need any Prince, or even people like Hero & Claudio (are the names correct I wonder?) to “set me up” (though it might be fun) ...what I originally wanted to say in the start of this long winded ramble is… something about the witty repartee… plenty of verbal/mental stimulation (bordering on sparring!)…I neeedddd a lot of that in my relationship!

…diary writing… how long have I maintained a diary? Well actually the offline version has been maintained on and off for years… ever since I read Diary of a young girl – Anne Frank. I even ‘named’ my diary Kitty. Not every original eh? I was 10, what do u expect! Well, then I grew up and changed the name. To Jane. Hey, I was 13 (yes, I thought I was grown up!) Over the years I stopped naming my diaries. They became vents. Vents for my thoughts. A place to scream my head off in silent frustration. A rock solid ‘support’. My diary would love me no matter what. I could be lazy, get bad grades, put on weight, whatever… I’d still be “ok” to my diary. Sounds crazy? Wellllll…. I have admitted I’m crazy remember? Anyways, people who are INSANE are the ones who are in the sane group, get it?!

I’d really like to thank all of you for being so supportive of my floundering attempts at airing my thoughts (with numerous typos!). All your comments are much appreciated. Thank you all for commenting! Without the comments I would have felt like a performing seal. One, no one is watching at that! I've finally replied to the comments of the last 3 or 4 posts, do look them up.
I’m a humble person…probably cause I have much to be humble about! ;)

Please visit a couple of blogs I’d like to recommed. She really writes really well. A definite must read. And a pal of mine Duncan, has finally started his own blog after much prodding from me, do visit!

Finally our lil Matt.... (and lil hugo too!) was writing bout dreams, and it reminded me of one of my all time favourite songs, so I’ll leave you with it for now…

(All I Have To Do Is) Dream
When I want you in my arms
When I want you and your charms
Whenever I want you all I have to do is dream
Dream dream dream
When I feel blue in the night
And I need you to hold me tight
Whenever I want you all I have to do is dream
I can make you mine
Taste your lips of wine
Anytime night or day
Only trouble is gee whiz
I'm dreaming my life away

I need you so I could die
I love you so that is why
Whenever I want you all I have to do is dream
Dream dream dream

Written By: Boudleaux Bryant

* My friend is no longer "late"! _YAY_